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Over a year has passed since my last post and I have thought about it regularly. I have wanted to post something but I couldn’t really think of anything to say. Over the last year I have worked on a couple things in Unity and worked on projects others have created that are open source for personal use. I haven’t done work on any of the programs I had as I got tired of the learning for the moment, and I would need to install an IDE again anyways.

I have watched several shows, some from episode one to their series finale. I took and passed the class for getting a motorcycle endorsement, then bought a motorcycle, but that was at the end of the season so I didn’t get much riding until this year. I completed a few games and enjoyed all of them.

There is all the political stuff that has happened, and continues to happen, around the United States president. The multiple mass shootings.

I made a friend through work, and now they are moving away after only a few months even being in this state. The future plans were nice with this person as he also rode a motorcycle, although sold it last year to get a new one, but as he is moving several states away, that isn’t happening. I fell over four times on my bike, all at low speed. One fall was because I had zero throttle and just stopped and fell over when turning, and as it was my first fall, I didn’t have any idea how to pick up the bike, but someone drove by and helped.

I had 2 friends decide to completely and suddenly stop talking to me, after a year I started talking to one again, although few words have been shared for a while now. The other was only a few months and we talk almost daily like we used to. Both were because of politics, one was partially my attitude about mostly everything else.

I still have yet to get into any romantic relationship, which is becoming a problem, depending on who you ask. I think I broke a bone in my foot a few months ago, but never actually went and found out, eventually it stopped hurting, but recently it has been pain all the time with no OTC pain relievers working at even short term safe dosage, very much above recommended dosage for sure.

A medical thing that at least two relatives have, one direct, had started not too many years ago in me, and continues to progress. It is mostly benign but is something that will eventually be an every day issue if I don’t get it taken care of, since it began at a much younger age than for them, almost twenty years earlier or more.

Maybe it won’t be another year before I make a new post.

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