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Time Wasting

Occasionally I will decide I want to start working on a project, either because of boredom or learning, that involves something I have little or no experience in. These are almost always something related to software. My last project was working with Unreal Engine 4 and porting content over from an older version, but it did no go so well. There is a high chance that I am just too lazy on learning proper workflow to use UE4, so I had a tough time getting anything done, especially since the models and geometry I was working with was not at all ready to be used in the engine but I was trying to do it anyways.

I ended up switching to using Unity, which has shown me why there are so many shitty games made with the engine, it is very easy to half ass everything and still get results, make progress. So far I have been able to import a lot of level geometry and get it sort of looking like it is supposed to, but the textures and shaders were not made with the tech we have now in mind, so things are looking very flat, or too bright or dark.

In the end I will abandon this before getting any real work done on it, as I have done with most of these that I have started. I had some programs that I was creating for some simple things and those haven’t been touched for months now. I have done editing and translating on some text based rpg’s and things and never actually finished all of what I originally intended to. I have spent time changing and editing scripts in multiple languages for games that its available but never published because again, it wasn’t finished.

Perpetually working on things but not finishing.

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