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So here is the start of a blog, very unceremoniously. Sometimes things might be a stream of consciousness, sometimes they may end up just being ranting about things, but it will be me. Who knows, this may end up being the only post ever, left to sit here gathering internet dust in the annals of the internet, to be found by some alien in the past using their future space technology to recover our primitive musings.

As a start to this, here are some things about me, in lovely lazy comma list format.
Male, outspoken, hates bad puns, makes bad puns, single, politically confused, dabbler in many things, casually hardcore gamer, music lover of some genres, have unsuccessfully ran 4 forums, rare Twitch streamer.

I have no background in writing, and through high school I did as little as was required, of course leading to a failed class. Don’t be expecting this to be well written and all grammatically correct like, but do expect spelling to be spot on, thanks to the wonders of technology.

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